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SEO First approach - How to Launch with a crowd

How to start promoting before you have something to promote!

3.2.1 And we are LIVE, Wait where is everybody,should be launching a site the fun part of your web site experience. What if you promised during your sales talk that a new site will bring more customers help you build a brand name and where is every body! Easy way is to throw more cash at this project for marketing get some adverts running, I am sure Facebook and google adwords are happy to take some cash but what if you are financing the whole thing out of your pocket and just can not risk further.

How to Launch with no crowd


Implement a CMS site using MVC with inbuilt SEO functionality

In this short article you will gain an interesting approach on how to best create a basic CMS (Content Management System) in MVC (Model View Controller) that covers some SEO (Search engine optimisation) Basic requirements.

Before you continue you need to be familiar with the concepts mentioned above and have a sound knowledge of

  • C# language
  • MVC .Net Framework
  • SQL Database server
  • Entity Framework
  • The need for SEO

Responsive Websites - One size fits all

If you start wondering about how will my site look when accessed by different devices after you create then you are doing it wrong.

Building responsive websites is the answer. Using this technology a website can be developed and deployed once yet the layout would adapt according to the client browser and resolution. The end result should be a pleasant user experience when navigating and interacting with the site on any device.