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A free CDN Thanks to dropbox

If you do not think a CDN is a life changer when it comes to website editing than it is cause you do not know what a CDN does. I do not blame you cause the internet is made by evil computer nerds who called a "Content Delivery Network" what they could have simply refered to as an online repository. Do not worry, no one really knows what CDN stands for but those who publish online know that an online repository brings several advantages in both managing and displaying their site content. So far my blog has been about free tools that can be tweaked to make your internet marketing life easier. Well here comes an other one, using dropbox free account as a CDN tool.

Install drop box free folder


Create a great content marketing strategy using what you already have

Rule No1. - Do not get high on your own supply - Create a great content marketing strategy.

What is great content for marketing, before you even try to explain your answer it is wrong ! Forget SEO, forget anything you could have read online. Great content for marketing is something worth reading or at least worth looking at for more than the loading time of the page.

Content is king 

SEO Checklist 2015

What makes a great Seo Check List

Search engine optimisation can be achieved by selecting the right keywords and doing some modification to the page content and Html structure to improve how search engine would rank for such keyworld searches. This is something every digital marketing novice knows, but what still is a grey area are the expected the improvements of such tuning on the search engine result page. This is mainly due to the fact that Google ranking algorithm is kept behind closed doors and SEO experts tend to make a lot of speculation on what really matters.

seo checklist 2015

How to enrich your posts with twitter cards

How to enrich your posts with twitter cards

I am a big fan of the semantic web. Even back in the university days before facebook and twitter were yet to be popularised or invented, nah I can not be that old. Any way the semantic web was always an area of interest. The concept behind the web being read and explored by only people with browsers was always questionable. 

Stand out from the crowd with twitter cards


Monetising your blog with - Adsense

How to monetise your blog

In this article we will connect our blog to use google Adsense and display adverts from google network sites in the beginning of each article as to monetise the site.

Money, that is why. You have been writing interesting articles going through SEO techniques, using any kind of social marketing to get some visitors and now your next obvious goal is to make some money. To monetize your blog is important as at the end of the day maintaining quality blogs are a very time consuming job and there are some expenses associated. Having the ability to generate some money from the Blog can be a key performance indicator of how good your marketing skills are and above all if you are not making money out of something than that is a hobby. Thus once we manage to get the first penny it would mean we finally managed to turn our hobby into a business.

why not monetise your blog