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A free CDN Thanks to dropbox

If you do not think a CDN is a life changer when it comes to website editing than it is cause you do not know what a CDN does. I do not blame you cause the internet is made by evil computer nerds who called a "Content Delivery Network" what they could have simply refered to as an online repository. Do not worry, no one really knows what CDN stands for but those who publish online know that an online repository brings several advantages in both managing and displaying their site content. So far my blog has been about free tools that can be tweaked to make your internet marketing life easier. Well here comes an other one, using dropbox free account as a CDN tool.

Install drop box free folder


A Mobile friendly test by Google - Pass or Fail

The Google Mobile friendly test

April 21st 2015 was a great day for me. Google launched there new updates for mobile friendly sites and this site made it through the list. In the official Googles blog post it was clearly stated that passing the mobile friendly test is considered as a ranking signal not to mention that in today's high usage of mobile devices for internet browsing no serious site can afford to look bad when rendered of any such device and be left out of this huge market.

google tool for mobile friendly  result

On page seo tool for dotnetblogengine

Blog engine on page seo tool

This article is about seting up a custom on page seo tool for social sharing, author information from google plus and og content graph customisations.

Hey there do you like this blog, maybe no, as it is not word press, which happens to be the most popular blog engine out there. Wordpress is great! It is full of extensions and is maintained by a huge community. Well I can not say I love minorities or I swim agianst currents but in my case my blog is powered by and loving it.

on page seo tool Log4net


Responsive Websites - One size fits all

If you start wondering about how will my site look when accessed by different devices after you create then you are doing it wrong.

Building responsive websites is the answer. Using this technology a website can be developed and deployed once yet the layout would adapt according to the client browser and resolution. The end result should be a pleasant user experience when navigating and interacting with the site on any device.