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A Mobile friendly test by Google - Pass or Fail

The Google Mobile friendly test

April 21st 2015 was a great day for me. Google launched there new updates for mobile friendly sites and this site made it through the list. In the official Googles blog post it was clearly stated that passing the mobile friendly test is considered as a ranking signal not to mention that in today's high usage of mobile devices for internet browsing no serious site can afford to look bad when rendered of any such device and be left out of this huge market.

google tool for mobile friendly  result

One annoying thing about the mobile friendly test algorithm is that unlike to what one would were expecting it is an in or out competition. A tool to make a mobile friendly  is provided by Google to see how your site fits against their own standards. After entering a url of the site to check and waiting impatiently through the analysing progress bar, the result is neither a score nor a list of suggested improvements but a yes or a no which is a bit disappointing for a result of such an analysis on a page-by-page basis. 

Personally I would have appreciated some more information to what was being anaylsed and even more if I was given  something to measure against. This would have been a good motivator for web masters to improve the site mobile friendly design which would benefit both the site and also Google that relies on presenting site quality.

A Webmasters perspective to the mobile-friendly ranking signal

The word on the search engine blogs is that failing this mobile friendly test is not just a tag that a website gets when searched from a mobile device. From a webmasters perspective it is expected that the impacts of this new ranking algorithm will be even significantly larger the previous ones much more that the Panda and Penguin algorithms.

google search mobile friendly tag

From a series of questions answered during a Google+ hangout on the topic of this new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm. The three main things were shared:

  • The algorithm will start rolling out on April 21st and will take a few days to a week to scan completely and globally.
  • You are either mobile-friendly or not, there are no degrees of mobile-friendliness in this algorithm.
  • One can to check if web pages are mobile-friendly if you have the mobile-friendly label in the live mobile search results. If not, check the mobile-friendly testing tool, which should match the live Google search results, as the mobile usability reports in Google Webmaster Tools can be delayed based on crawl time.

How to pass the mobile friendly test

Google provided some guidelines in there getting started kit. In summary if you did not make it through the algorithm your not prepared for mobile and your site is heading towards extinction. The easier option is to revisit your site and see what are the capabilities of the content management system you are using. In case you have a custom made site I would go towards a responsive website approach and on this you have a read on my bootstrap article in this blog for further understanding.

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