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SEO Checklist 2015

What makes a great Seo Check List

Search engine optimisation can be achieved by selecting the right keywords and doing some modification to the page content and Html structure to improve how search engine would rank for such keyworld searches. This is something every digital marketing novice knows, but what still is a grey area are the expected the improvements of such tuning on the search engine result page. This is mainly due to the fact that Google ranking algorithm is kept behind closed doors and SEO experts tend to make a lot of speculation on what really matters.

seo checklist 2015

Even if you consider doing it yourself, or else outsourcing your SEO work, always keep your eyes on the ball. At the end of the day SEO results are not immediate and there could be up to 6 month wait until you start seeing any return on your investment so it is good that rather than tracking results like traffic through search engines one tracks actual work done.

This is why I suggest starting with an SEO check list. I tried to rank it by a formula I refer to as claimed return on effort. That is the effort done for doing an SEO trick divided by the claimed return. For example in my formulae the first of all is the page title as several SEO experts mention it in their TODO list and in actual work this is just an html tag. So here is comes my own ranked On page checklist:

The SEO Checklist 2015

  1. Html Tags
    1. Title Tag
    2. Meta Keywords
    3. Meta Description
    4. Alt Tag
    5. Image names
  2. Content Optimisation
    1. H1, H2 Optimization
    2. Keyword Stuffing
    3. Keyword Density
    4. Content Length/Quality
  3. Links
    1. Site Map
    2. Robot
    3. Url Rewritting / Structure
    4. Anchor Text
    5. Internal Linking
    6. Broken Links
  4. Site Speed
    1. Image Optimisation
    2. Script Optimisation
    3. Server Caching
  5. Other staff
    1. Social Sharing Buttons
    2. Responsive Design
    3. Canonical Error
    4. Http or Https
    5. Web page redirections

For Off page optimisations I find it much more time consuming and challenging, but a good way for link building is through:

  1. Adding content
  2. Posting on social sites
    1. Twitter
    2. Facebook
    3. LinkedIn
    4. Printest
  3. Blogs
  4. Forum
  5. Bookmarking
  6. Info Graphics
  7. Question/Answer
  8. Classified
  9. Local Listing

The above is based on my personal experience and gut feeling and would be nice to know what other marketing persons think of it... is it missing something or it is complete enough ?

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