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A free CDN Thanks to dropbox

If you do not think a CDN is a life changer when it comes to website editing than it is cause you do not know what a CDN does. I do not blame you cause the internet is made by evil computer nerds who called a "Content Delivery Network" what they could have simply refered to as an online repository. Do not worry, no one really knows what CDN stands for but those who publish online know that an online repository brings several advantages in both managing and displaying their site content. So far my blog has been about free tools that can be tweaked to make your internet marketing life easier. Well here comes an other one, using dropbox free account as a CDN tool.

Install drop box free folder

Dropbox is a fie syncronisation tool and the idea behind it is that when you save files on your computer, you can access them from all your other devices. Everything you keep in Dropbox is synced automatically to all your devices. But part from this dropbox has also a public folder accessable from everyone online. Once you have the drop box public folder setup you can take advantage of it in your web site, what ever content manager you are using.. wordpress, blog engine, joomla or a home made one.

Your web site content is nothing but text and other media files, like images, movies, animations, music etc....When your site visitors access your website they wil be downloading content from your server and as any porn visitor knows, text is cheap when it comes to bytes, it is the images and movies that normally cost more in size. Using a CDN gives you the opportunity to store the content on an other server, this will give you several advantages like speed up the download, in other words your site visitor will have to wait less for his site to load resulting in a better visitor experience.

What are the advantages of using drop box as a content manager vs storing everythng on your site

Just in case I did not manage to convine you to start using dropbox as a content repository here are some advantages you can mention in the school canteen and look like someone who really knows his stuff.

  • Better visitor experince and site load time will improve
  • The traffic load on your server is much less
  • The Bandwidth usage of your server will drastically decrease
  • Search engines will notice the improvement in site performance
  • Serch engine can read better image paths and naming

Getting started with Drop box public folder

First of all you will need to create an account with dropbox . Once the installation is finished you will see new folders appearing in your file explorer. The idea of these folder is that anything stored in them wil be synced to other devices. You will also notice a public folder. dropbox folder What every you store in your pblic folder will be accssible to anyone with an internet connection all you need to know is the url. Drop box public link So there you go just place the images in your public folder right click it and on the menu click on copy public link. Now when you are crating content on your site sue this as the source of your images and media.

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