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Create a great content marketing strategy using what you already have

Rule No1. - Do not get high on your own supply - Create a great content marketing strategy.

What is great content for marketing, before you even try to explain your answer it is wrong ! Forget SEO, forget anything you could have read online. Great content for marketing is something worth reading or at least worth looking at for more than the loading time of the page.

Content is king 

Quantity and formatting is also a critical requirement for great content. When I mean quantity one is better off with several short articles than one big page that covers the whole topic. This is mainly because search engines love indexing different pages and you get cookie points for this. Also breaking your long articles into several short ones will help your readers stay focused and hungry for the next material coming up.

So if you have not started a company blog yet, do it. Ideally use the same domain name so that promoting your site will be a natural by product. Next you need to create and publish regular content. For this you will refer to your content marketing strategy, Ideally have a calendar and stick to it at least until you get the habit. Generating content for first timers will be a bit challenging but once you get the hand for it it will become natural. Remeber sources for content ideas are everywhere, so involve employees and departments it is known that human resources tend to create a lot of information a side product of their operations not to mention expertee that your employees are eager to share. Look at all the communication you have bulging in every day and you will find an abundant source for content in both customers who want to share their experiences and suppliers who love to promote their latest products and services.

There you go it’s pretty simple, the more content you share on your site, the more you will get found by search engines, the more potential customers will drop on your site.

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