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Monetising your blog with - Adsense

How to monetise your blog

In this article we will connect our blog to use google Adsense and display adverts from google network sites in the beginning of each article as to monetise the site.

Money, that is why. You have been writing interesting articles going through SEO techniques, using any kind of social marketing to get some visitors and now your next obvious goal is to make some money. To monetize your blog is important as at the end of the day maintaining quality blogs are a very time consuming job and there are some expenses associated. Having the ability to generate some money from the Blog can be a key performance indicator of how good your marketing skills are and above all if you are not making money out of something than that is a hobby. Thus once we manage to get the first penny it would mean we finally managed to turn our hobby into a business.

why not monetise your blog

Just in case you have not noticed by now, adversities are ready to pay money to have your visitors attention. So our next challenge will be to find advertisers, negotiate a price for our service of asking our visitors to click through to their web site. Also we need to find a way to monitor these click troughs and a way to facilitate this payment… Sounds like a big job well NO Problem, google already has it sorted with Adsense.

What is Google Adsense

The almighty Google is all about the money and if you have the traffic they will definitely be there helping you monetize your blog for a reasonable cut.

“For displaying ads with AdSense for content, publishers receive 68% of the revenue recognized by Google in connection with the service.”  Reference Adsense Answers

google adsense

Google AdSense is a simple way for publishers to make money by displaying targeted Google ads on their websites. All you need is an account and the ability to insert a script into your code like the one below. Direct negotiation with advertisers can be more lucrative but Adsense definitely is a good start as there is no need to manage advertiser relationships, and you have access to a huge source of advertiser demand. More advertisers means competition for your ad spaces, more relevant ads and potentially some click through.





How to get it running in BlogEngine.Net

What I was after was the ability to include adverts in my content. At the end of the day you will only get paid if someone clicks on your Advert and showing the advert on the left side menu is not compelling enough. From a reader perspective seeing an advert before you get to the end of the article is a small price to pay for good content.

Adverts in articles

As I am using BlogEngine.Net so I decided to get my hands dirty and do the extension myself. The implementation is very straight forward, as it consists of hooking to the full article page load event and adding the google adsense script to the beginning of the article. Being an extension I can enable and disable it from the custom extensions list within the blog engine.

BlogEngine.Net  Adsense Custom Extension

The script is stored in a text file in the same folder of the article in case one needs to edit it all you can do it by FTP access. Folder path : “BlogEngine.NET\Custom\Extensions\Adsense”

Adsense Extension File Structure

If you want to use my own adsense extension feel free to download the code from my Adsense GitRepository

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