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SEO First approach - How to Launch with a crowd

How to start promoting before you have something to promote!

3.2.1 And we are LIVE, Wait where is everybody,should be launching a site the fun part of your web site experience. What if you promised during your sales talk that a new site will bring more customers help you build a brand name and where is every body! Easy way is to throw more cash at this project for marketing get some adverts running, I am sure Facebook and google adwords are happy to take some cash but what if you are financing the whole thing out of your pocket and just can not risk further.

How to Launch with no crowd

I am sure you are familiar with this problem so I will give you some free tips that you can get a head start, golden advice for no budget sites. Cause at the end of the day starting from 100 is better than starting from 0. 

Things you can do before you start working on a site

1. Your Domain.

A good domain name is crucial, what makes it better is if the name is intuitively descriptive of the service offered, as short as possible and preferably a .com.. This is the recipe of what domain sellers call a premium so if you manage to get hold of one for a asic registration price your already ahead of your game. A potential premium domain is a good investment, and you can easily sell it for profits on sites like flippa or godaddy. If you find it hard to come with nearly premium domain names do some searches on godaddy see which ones sell for big bucks and just try something close.

Even though new generic top domain look like taking ground, personally I am still old school about this and I would always go for a .com when possible. Always register which a responsible domain provider this will make your life easier, I personally suggest to use popular domain registrars like GOdaddy as they claim they are the biggest in their business and they might be right.

Difference in price between 2 similar .com domains >

Godaddy domain name for best seo compare

Reputation and domain age is a remarkable asset for search engines, thus buy the domain as early as possible and booking it for at least 5 years. The registration money is an investment and most probably you will even get a discount, not to mention that it is likely you will end up paying it any ways. When paying the domain do a google search for example godaddy coupons, might save you even further. Domain registration information is most of the time publicly visible and there is a feeling of trust when you commit to a long period rather than to a yearly basis.

2. Teaser

Once you have the domain in place, might as well do something with it. Put and under construction sign… that is as crazy as believing that some visitor will end up in your page and get injured, maybe sue you ? Do not do that that is stupid, instead do something useful. If your project is likely to take some months before you see some light than put a forum or a blog related to the upcoming project. There are scripts like the one I use blogenginefornet or MvcForum that make this really easy. This will spawn some traffic to your domain while you are away finishing your product.

Should you embrace the agile manifesto, that is deliver often you would create a teaser site with the description of what is coming up, also include analytics code, and seo staff like Page Title, description meta tags and even some text optimisation for the words you want to rank for. I will be writing about search engine optimisation in content very soon.

3. Socialise ahead with Facebook page / Twitter account / Google + / Linked In etc

Now is the best time to start your social media campaign, yes now before you start your work it is a good time to build some excitement. Just register your accounts with

and what ever rings your bell. Also remember to make fan pages and join similar groups where you can post updates about your progress.

If you have an innovative idea and do not mind sharing try joining forums or exchanging code on codeplex and claiming the final product benefits on sites like Beta list.

This ideas for a TODO list before you do go live keeps on getting longer. Nowadays marketing is as important as getting your site up and running. What other ideas would you recone as a prerequisite to site launch ?

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